Telegram Open Network (TON) Detailed look — Development progress (february 2019)

Detailed look — Development progress:

The Company were required to spend more time on additional algorithms, that’s why the indication of the launch of Testnet is currently stated as end of March 2019 (was expected end of January 2019).

Based on a recent report distributed by the Company:

  • TVM has been fully implemented and tested by the team internally, only minor changes will be necessary during the process of binding TVM with Validation software;
  • TON Network is completed and ready to spread newly generated blocks, only sophisticated options and cryptography options that are not required for the test version will be developed during the test phase;
  • Block Generation and Validation is a current key area of TON team focus:
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus protocol has been completed and tested, showing 2 times less finality time (2.5 secs) from proposed 5 second interval stipulated in the Whitepaper;
  • Validator software consists of the network component (BFT protocol which is already done), of the local block generation and validation components which are halfway complete, and now most development efforts are dedicated to these components;
  • Smart-contract development tools are finished by 20-50%: core functionality of high-level smart-contract language complier is ready, but the system needs additional built-in functions to build fundamental smart contracts which will run new validators election and change configurable parameters.

The summary of the main components status is as follows (in comparison with the status as per September 2018):

  • Overall progress — 90% (from 70%)
  • TON Virtual Machine (TMV):
  • Implementation — 95% (unchanged);
  • Documentation — 95% (unchanged).
  • TON Network:
  • ADNL — 8o% (unchanged);
  • Overlay networks over ADNL — 100% (unchanged);
  • Broadcast protocols — 100% (unchanged);
  • CATCHAIN protocol —100% (90%);
  • Streaming broadcast protocols 100% (95%).
  • Blockchain Block Generation and Validation
  • Documentation 90% (unchanged);
  • Block manipulation library 95% (30%);
  • Validator BFr Consensus protocol 95% (not disclosed);
  • Validator software 60% (10%);
  • Full node software 80% (not disclosed);
  • Smart contract development, test, and debug environment 5o% (unchanged);
  • Fundamental and sample smart contracts 20% (10%).

The most recent launch schedule looks like:

  • TON Blockchain’s “Testnet” will be opened for first investors to consider — tad February 2019 (delay from January 2019);
  • TON Blockchain’s “Testnet” will be opened for a stealth testing to community developer’s audit of the code, bug detection and consideration of external proposals in beginning of March 2019 (delay from February 2019);
  • TON Blockchain’s “Mainner will be opened for public in end of March 2019 (previously indicated from March 2019).
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