PlayStation Free Plus Games for August 2017 Revealed

Wave goodbye to July, as Sony’s getting ready to move PlayStation 4 players onto August’s month of free PlayStation Plus titles.  Six new games are joining the PlayStation Plus library, split in the standard fashion of two PlayStation 4 games, two PlayStation 3 games, and two PS Vita games. In August only one title has any platform crossover, so PlayStation 4 players get a bonus PS Vita title. And as a bonus, Sony’s offering a line-up of cheap summer movie rentals for PlayStation Plus subscribers too.

Here’s the August line-up for PlayStation Plus:

  • Just Cause 3 (PS4)
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry (PS4)
  • Super Motherload (PS3)
  • Snakeball (PS3)
  • Downwell (PS Vita, PS4)
  • Level 22 (PS Vita)

All six games should be available starting the first Tuesday of August, which is coincidentally August 1.

Starting this week, Sony’s having a special on summer movie rentals. There will be one movie available each week for a $.99 rental, with The LEGO Batman Movie starting it off right now. The special will last for five additional weeks, offering the following movies consecutively: Logan, Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island, Boss Baby, and Ghost in the Shell. Starting August 1, PlayStation Plus subscribers can also get a $20 DLC pack for the newly launched free-to-play game Dreadnought.

PlayStation Free Plus Games for August 2017 Revealed

Sony has made another killer line-up for this month’s PlayStation Plus games. Just Cause 3 is Avalanche Software’s latest action-packed open world destruct-a-thon. Protagonist Rico Rodriguez is finally returning home to Medici to free his people from a petty despot — with explosions! Assassin’s Creed: Freedom’s Cry is a great counterpart to Just Cause 3, a stand-alone story follow-up to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag about liberation itself — with pirates!

The PlayStation 3 line-up of PlayStation Plus games is a little more unimpressive this month. Super Motherload is a clever mining adventure game that coincidentally one of the first PlayStation Plus games on PS4, while Snakeball unique 3D multiplayer spin on the classic Snake game. PS Vita, however, more than makes up for it. Downwell is an instant classic, an arcade-styled roguelike all about falling down a well with a pair of gunboots strapped on, and Level 22 is a stealth adventure about sneaking into work without anyone realizing the player is late.

Pick up August 2017’s line-up of free PlayStation Plus games starting early next week, and don’t forget to download July’s PlayStation Plus games before they’re gone.

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