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Telegram Open Network (TON) Detailed look — Development progress (february 2019)

Detailed look — Development progress:

The Company were required to spend more time on additional algorithms, that's why the indication of the launch of Testnet is currently stated as end of March 2019 (was expected end of January 2019).

Based on a recent report distributed by the Company:


Telegram Open Network (TON) launch news

Token sale’s update:
The Issuer has closed new purchaser’s subscriptions for the current financing round accepting 94 investors and reported to SEC (link). We note that closings of the subscriptions shall not equal to final disbursement, which might be partially pending.

GRAM Trading:
TON Issuer Inc....

Telegram Open Network

Telegram Open Network
Telegram believes that current structure of cryptocurrencies lack the qualities needed to attract the mass consumerism....

Streaming and Auto-Night Mode on Android

Today's 4.8 update to Telegram for Android introduces video streaming. You can now start watching videos right away – without having to fully download them first.

Streaming-ready video in a chat

All videos newly uploaded from official Telegram apps can be streamed with version 4.8....

Telegram X: Progress through Competition

Our mission is to make Telegram fasterslicker and easier to use with each passing month. Competition is the soul of progress, so at first we got plenty of inspiration from other messengers that spurred us on....

TDLib – Build Your Own Telegram

Telegram offers developers more than just the Bot API. Since day one, we've also had a free and open Telegram API that allows anyone to create their own messaging apps operating in the Telegram cloud....

Themes, Multiple Accounts and Happy winter holidays!

Happy winter holidays, everyone! To reinforce the festive mood, we‘re updating Telegram for the second time this December, adding features you’ve been asking for.

With version 4.7 for iOS, you can change what your Telegram looks like in the new Appearance settings....

Albums, Saved Messages and Better Search

Starting with Telegram 4.5, whenever you send multiple photos or videos they are grouped into albums. Each album can include up to 10 photos or videos, arranged in the chat as elegantly proportioned thumbnails....

Live Locations, Media Player and Languages platform

Starting with Telegram 4.4, you can broadcast your current location to any chat in real time.

This is useful when you are on your way to an appointment or are trying to coordinate with friends at a large event.